Let’s Work Together!

Of course! Here at RelyLocal, we focus on locally-owned, independent businesses. We figure that by banding together, we can compete with the national brands and big budgets for the valuable business of the High Desert.

How do you do it?

1) RelyLocal.com and Your Listing

The cornerstone of our approach is the listing your business has on our site. This dedicated page includes all of the following:

  • Business info like name, address, phone number, hours, and an interactive map with directions.
  • Links to your website, Facebook page, blog and other social media.
  • A full description that captivates the search engines and lets customers know just what you do.
  • Up to 3 coupons with any offer you’d like to make.
  • Up to 10 photos showing your products, staff, or location.
  • Up to 4 files that can be downloaded by visitors, such as menus, service lists, applications, brochures, etc.
  • Users can leave reviews of your business to share how great you are!

2) Social Media/Online Promotion

We are a little addicted to the internet, so we let you leverage that by promoting you in the following ways:

  • Regular “shout-outs” on our Facebook page and in our Twitter feed with links to your listing.
  • Inclusion in the free monthly e-newsletter we send to High Desert residents who have signed up for it.
  • Sharing of any events, videos, pictures or links you post to Facebook (as appropriate.)
  • When you become a member, you get one month of a large banner ad on the site for FREE!
  • You can be interviewed for this blog too!

3) Grassroots Promotion

We participate in a number of networking and community events.

  • Any time we have a booth at a community event, our members are welcome to help us staff it and promote their business, or give us fliers, cards, samples or demos to share and pass out on their behalf.
  • We are always keeping our ear out for people who might be in need of your services or products.
  • We pass out fliers and talk to people all over the High Desert to get them excited about supporting their locally-owned businesses. The more people that go to the website, the more people will see your listing!

Can you believe that your business gets ALL THIS for only $25 a month? I know, it’s a crazy good deal! Call us today to get started: (760) 246-5400.

Who qualifies?

We focus on independent and locally-owned businesses. Some franchises will qualify if they are small enough. If you are not sure if your business qualifies, please contact us and we can figure it out. Please understand we respect any business person who is trying to bring jobs and income to the High Desert, but our priorities are the independents.

What else do you offer?


If your business doesn’t have a website, you can use your RelyLocal listing as your site. For a flat fee of $50 we will acquire a great domain name for your business and set it up so that it will automatically redirect to your beautiful RelyLocal listing. This is a sensible solution for many small businesses who don’t really need a full website. Your domain name is good for one year and then you will be responsible for renewing it, which is generally a modest fee of $10 or less annually.

Social Media Content

If you are too busy or uninterested in creating social media content, but you know you “should” be doing it, we can help you. For a single platform (ie, Facebook or Twitter) we can create daily content for $200/month. We will sit down and develop a strategy, then create and pre-load all the content for you.

Social Media Set Up

If you would like us to walk you through setting up a Facebook Business Page or personal account, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account or anything else, we will gladly do it. For a flat fee of $100 we will spend up to three hours with you in one or two sessions to get familiar with using these popular applications.


We can create and populate a blog for your company. Set up is $100 and each post is between $10 and $50.

Kitchen Sink Offer

Got another idea about how to promote your business but just don’t have the time, the inspiration or the hands? We can help. From sticking labels on postcards to brainstorming events we are here for you! Prices will vary by task, but we can pretty much guarantee that we’re cheap.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Work Together!

  1. I read your description of the used book store and it sounds like I would like to check it out. However there is no address other than in Hesperia and there are alot of places this could be at. I know i could probably find it in the yellow pages but it would be more helpful if you included it in the site about it.

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