What is the $20 shift?

What is the $20 shift?

When you take $20 that you are already spending with national chains in your town, and shift that same $20 and spend it with a locally-owned, independent business, something amazing happens.

That money hangs around town.

A restaurant spends it with a printer for new menus. And that printer uses it to pay an employee who spends it to get her kids a haircut at a salon in town. And that salon uses it to support the local animal rescue. And around and around it goes.

Studies have shown repeatedly that money spent with locally-owned businesses pays off in big ways. Our “Impact of Local Spending” calculator takes those studies into account and tells us that if most of the 415,000-ish people in the Victor Valley made the $20 shift, we would keep nearly $57,000,000 a year in the High Desert.


How many good-paying jobs could that create?

What would that do for thousands of local families?

Which nonprofits would end up with more donations because of that money staying local?

And all this because you decided to go to Carpet Club instead of Home Depot, or Hair Emporium instead of Walmart. (And the impact is even BIGGER when you shift from online or down the hill to a locally-owned business!) Make a true INVESTMENT in your community. Instead of waiting for someone else to fix the issues, let’s take a small action ourselves.

Click here to tell us you’re making the shift!


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