The Buy Local Movement Roundup

How easy is it to buy local, or buy American?

On this hot and humid August day (well, as humid as the desert gets) we are doing a quick recap of some interesting tidbits we have found.

Made in America

This is something I’ve been thinking and reading a lot more about… it is a logical progression of the “Buy Local” movement. Not just supporting locally-owned businesses whenever we can, but also purchasing products that are made in the USA.

I like this video from Stihl – perhaps more manufacturers should talk about being made in America!

Here is an article from Intuit about the value of “Made in America” to increase sales. Has some good links as well.

Does “Made in the USA” Increase Sales?

And according to this blog post from Independent Concerns, the United States has lost approximately 42,400 factories since 2001.

Buy Local for Community Growth

A new study released by Local First Utah is receiving a lot of press because it showed that indie businesses in that state generates 4 TIMES the economic benefit than chains do. Here is the Institute for Local Self-Reliance’s take on things.

Downtown Sacramento is trying out a “Bring a Friend” event to drive traffic to their local merchants. As a graduate of UCDavis, I’m happy to see growth stimulated there – Sacramento is a lovely town, even with the mind numbing heat. 🙂

So there are a few things to peruse and think about!

What are YOUR ideas about strengthening our local, state and national economy?


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