Improve your small business visibility!

Here are the Top 8 Reasons to have YOUR High Desert small business in the the RelyLocal Business Expo at the Mall of Victor Valley on June 30th:

8. THE FOOD COURT! Food vendors will be located IN the food court, right where all those hungry people are! Whether you are passing out samples, selling packaged food or preparing goodies on the spot, this is where you want to be!


7. IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHOW OFF! You are the expert at what you do. Use this space to do product or service demonstrations. Set up an “Ask the Expert” time. Give out samples of your product. The more interesting your booth, the more likely people are to want to stop and get more info. You’re the star!


6. EVENT ADVERTISING! Benefit from Facebook ads, radio advertising, in-mall advertising and more! We are busy promoting to spread the word and will also provide you withFacebook, Twitter and email promos to share with your fans. Advertising sponsorships are also available!


5. MARKET SURVEYS! I hear business owners wonder aloud all the time, “Why aren’t people buying this product?” Well let’s ask them! Offer a drawing for a prize or some candy to reward mall patrons to answer a short survey to find out just what your customers want. Mine this opportunity for all its worth!


4.AIR CONDITIONING!!! The Mall is the most comfortable place to be in that summer heat, and your potential customers know that too!


3. DEAL ON MALL SPACE! If you wanted to have a table in the mall on your own, you would have to spend twice as much. Working together we get an amazing deal! Get in front of thousands of mall patrons for an AMAZING price.


2. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! The Mall of Victor Valley has about 8,000 people come through daily on average. EIGHT THOUSAND PEOPLE! And they are coming to the mall prepared to spend money. Why not with you?


1. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! Can your customers can get what you provide online, down the hill or from a national chain? Then you can benefit from working with other independent businesses to market your company. Together we can make an impact on our community and encourage our neighbors to shift their spending to local businesses. The RelyLocal Business Expo is one way we are using our voice!


Do you own or run a small business (or a locally-owned gigantic business) in the High Desert of California? (Including Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, Adelanto, Oak Hills, Helendale, Phelan, Summit Valley, and Lucerne Valley.)

Let’s get you connected to a coalition of locally-owned businesses that are changing the way the Victor Valley shops! Email us right now at


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