Jump In!


The harness is on. The links have been checked. The deck is clear.

The only thing left to do is jump.

If you’re like me, this is the tough part. Although there is a lot of hard work in preparing a business plan, lining up the contact list, acquiring all the tools you need to grow your small business, at some point, you have to jump over the edge.

I recently talked about confidence – believing that what you do is of incredible value to your customers. If you do believe that, then you know you have to get over the edge. Having the guts to do it doesn’t always come naturally.

As Dan Rather said:

Courage is being afraid, but going on anyhow.

I like this follow up from Lauren Raffo

Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one.

Quick story – when I had my first job in marketing I was terrified of talking to new people. At the first networking event I went to, scores of people at a big architectural firm, I only talked to the waiters and then hid in the bathroom until I figured enough time had passed and I could go home. That is terrified.

Now I love networking and feel it is one of the biggest keys to building a business worth having. Did I get there by suddenly losing my fear of meeting new people? No. I took one small step. I took another small step. And fifteen years later, here I am. I still get nervous meeting new people, but I go on anyhow.

Currently I find I’m afraid of asking for the sale. If I didn’t have people coming up to me excited to be part of the local business revolution we are starting, I wouldn’t have many clients. (This is real talk now!) But I know that to succeed I must have courage. And all courage is is being afraid and doing it anyway. They don’t need to see my knees knocking. I can put a brave smile on my face. I just need to jump off the bridge.

This is why I think that small business owners are the most courageous people I know!

What area of your business have you shown courage in? What area do you need to find a little courage in? 


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