So confident, I don’t even need a title

My name is Alyssa and I am a webinar addict.

I won’t be giving up my habit anytime soon, though. Sorry.  These little classes educate me, inspire me and push me to try new things with my business. I’m currently going through a series by Marie Forleo, which is marketed to women entrepreneurs but really holds great content for anyone.

A major key to her success is confidence.

Small business owners: do you have confidence in what you do?  

My business is all about promoting locally-owned businesses here in the Victorville area. I am confident that what we do (online listing, social media promotion, networking events, grassroots promotion, marketing services) is vital to local businesses, many of whom do not have expertise in this area, or access to those with expertise. I know that my heart is in the right place because I believe that small business owners are the bravest people – doing what they do to serve their community and feed their families. There is no one else to pass the buck to; the weight of their success is on their shoulders. So, yes, I am confident that I can help support these businesses.

It can be tough to keep that confidence 100% of the time, though. Skepticism from outsiders is a little daunting. Some folks seem to assume that everyone has an angle or is manipulating the system. My heart breaks a little when I hear that. How does one prove oneself in the face of such cynicism?

You don’t. That is my theory, anyway. As a small business owner, we have confidence that what we are doing is worth it, and the good will always win out. I recently watched an interview with Pierre Andre, the pro-skateboarder turned shoe company founder, talking about this brand Etnies. When asked about his success, one of the things he mentioned was that he outlasted his competitors. Many of them gave up and went away. Etnies hung on though, sometimes by their fingernails. He was confident in the worth of his product to his customers. Now he has the longevity and success to show for it.

I’d love to hear why you are confident in your business and what you do to keep that confidence up. Please leave a comment!


EDIT: Apparently I forgot to title this blog. So now it has a title. 🙂


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