The Future of Content Marketing: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare

The Future of Content Marketing: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare.

Great article! I encourage everyone who has a vested interest in a business succeeding to read it. (That would be everyone who is employed by a business, or those who rely on people employed by businesses!)

I spoke with a gentleman yesterday about content marketing for a book he has written. Although he is of a different generation (by about 40 years) he is pretty savvy about internet marketing. He was trying to identify the ‘silver bullet’ to get the word out about his exciting idea. Unfortunately, how we as a society use the internet is constantly evolving. What was effective even a year ago may not be so today.

Does that mean we don’t use any platform older than the mustard in our fridge? No! Each channel has potential to connect with certain customers at certain times for certain reasons.

Email – Yes, email is as sexy as snail mail now. However, it does give freedom to craft longer messages, reach people on their mobile devices, allow automatic messaging, allow easy forwarding and is still the current mode for business. An email newsletter is still viable, but is likely to be ignored by younger customers.

Text marketing – This is a staple overseas and is rapidly growing in the urban and youth demographics. The importance is that your customers will opt-in for these marketing messages, meaning they WANT you to contact them with short, up-to-the-minute deals. Don’t send them something they didn’t ask for! I predict this segment will grow significantly and in 2 years time, we will be amazed that it ever skeeved us out to get text marketing messages. While it is immediate and most messages are read quickly, it is perhaps limited as far as social networking goes at this time. Even youngsters may not forward a deal they find via text messaging.

Social Networks – As the article states, your customers increasingly look to their peers on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to find the products and services they need. Give them content to find easily and share!

Websites – I think of these as the cornerstone or foundation of your online presence. You need it, but don’t expect to put something on there and have people automatically flock to it. Just like opening your doors doesn’t mean people will walk in. Still work on providing quality content to share and be found in searches, but don’t stop there!


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