Being a Good Citizen

Volunteers collected 52 bags of trash on Saturday April 9th!

It is amazing how quickly trash condenses… those little pieces of paper spread across several acres of open desert look TERRIBLE! However, when you actually pick them up, they are quite small. Even so, we still collected 52 bags of trash from the open field portion of Hesperia Rd between Nisqualli and Winona.

Awesome volunteers from Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship picked up so much trash!

If these amazing volunteers hadn’t been there, Donna and Alyssa would STILL be out there picking up trash. Way to go team! Without a single complaint, they picked up about a million fast food wrappers, cans, plastic bags, fliers, clothing, shoes, toys and more. The weirdest thing I (Alyssa) saw was either the Barbie doll dress (someone else found a Barbie doll head!) or the nearly full 12-pack of Shasta cola. And lots and lots of plastic bags.

Part of RelyLocal’s commitment to this community is not only to promote locally-owned, independent businesses, but to be good citizens. Instead of joining in the complaining, lamenting the trash, we want to be part of the solution by picking it up. It is easy to sit and point out the wrong others are doing, but the real difference is made by people like these volunteers, like our members, like all those who are active citizens who step up to make things a little bit better. We are so proud to be working alongside those folks!

And if you are interested in an easy, fun service project for your group, your class or your family, let us know! We will be heading out there again in a couple months to pick up more trash.


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