Spotlight: Paulina’s Mexican Grill in Victorville, CA

I’m not really a foodie, but I definitely appreciate a freshly made dish prepared with wholesome ingredients, presented in an attractive way. This is what I and many others have discovered at Paulina’s Mexican Grill, located in Victorville, CA.

Paulina recently sat down with me and shared the experience she and her mother Maria have had in the three years since founding the business. Here is what I learned:

RelyLocal: What was your motivation and vision for starting Paulina’s Mexican Grill?

Paulina: My mother Maria started the whole thing. She wanted to be independent, to do something with her life. We’ve lived here in the High Desert for about 20 years and there is lots of great Mexican food. However, we wanted to introduce a different type – Jalisco-style food with a fine cuisine emphasis, such as halibut sauteed with white wine and herbs. We use wild, not farmed fish, cage free chicken, certified angus beef and offer a range of sweet choices like a healthy sugar-free cheesecake. [Ed.: I’ve had it and its divine!] We wanted to make a place where people felt safe with their food, their choices.

RelyLocal: Starting a restaurant is notoriously difficult. How has the experience been for you?

Paulina: We struggled a lot… kissed our social life goodbye for our restaurant. Certainly there are times where you want to throw in the towel. We kept the faith and said, “We are going to be strong!” And we are still here. We just had to give it more time, more attention, more patience. This third year has been much easier. Its important for the owner to be out there saying, “Thank you.” We are very thankful people. We don’t regret anything; its an awesome adventure. Owning a restaurant gives you a lot of responsibilities. It builds your character when dealing with the public. Teaches you patience and respect. You learn how to speak well and to speak well of people.

RelyLocal: What are some elements of Paulina’s Mexican Grill that stand out?

Paulina: People consider us their friends. Building relationships with our customers is so important to us. They send us pictures of their trips, come and tell us about their struggles and joy. We have regulars who travel for work and every time they are in the area they come in and we are excited to see them. We also have a growing lunchtime business crowd. Since food is fresh grilled to order, we recommend people call ahead to order. Online ordering is also available to save time. We also have live music on Fridays. Karen is an amazing jazz and r&b singer. Elsewhere Road comes in once or twice a month with their beautiful music. Luis Montaya sings mostly romantic music in Spanish and English with impressive guitar skills.

RelyLocal: What is your vision for the future?

Paulina: We are looking forward to the next few years, to expanding and adding a full bar. It is important to show the desert that there are good things here. I want them to feel at home at Paulina’s Mexican Grill. We can provide a kind of escape; a real experience. And our real goal is to give people jobs.

RelyLocal: Are there any local businesses that you really support?

Paulina: We love to buy local whenever we can! I like The Brass Cupcake, which you can find at the High Desert Farmer’s Market. Juliano’s Italian Restaurant on Hesperia Road – they make everything from scratch and the Eggplant Parmesan is to die for. Fairytales Flowers and Gifts is great too; I love their flowers.

You can find Paulina’s Mexican Grill on Monarch Rd, between Cottonwood and Mariposa in Victorville, CA. This romantic spot is tucked into the corner of the plaza and is a destination for fine food lovers in the High Desert.

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