Independents Week – July 1-7, 2011!

I got an email newsletter today from AMIBA, the American Independent Business Alliance, a non-profit organization helping communities sustain their local independent businesses and keep opportunities alive for local entrepreneurs. They are starting early with brainstorming for Independents Week, which coincides with Independence Day (aka the Fourth of July!)

I would love to see our community come together to celebrate and support independent businesses. There are a number of large and small indie businesses here in the High Desert. (Incidentally, an independent business is basically one that is locally owned and can make its own decisions – so not really a chain, franchise, etc.) It takes all kinds of businesses to make up a local economy and at RelyLocal we consider independent resellers and some small franchises to be local as well. However, for this particular instance, we are looking at the strictly independent business.

So, what could we do as a community to support this effort? What are positive activities that can get the whole community in a celebrating frame of mind? What could we do to promote civic pride and loyalty?

There are a bunch of sample ideas here but I think we can come up with some unique ones that reflect the personality of the High Desert.

  • Independents Week game at Mavericks Stadium
  • Independent business scavenger hunt or bingo game, encouraging people to visit a number of businesses they may not have visited before.
  • Official proclamations by city and town governments declaring this Independents Week and showing official support for our local economy.
  • Independents Week bbq or festival with local artists and musicians

What other ideas can we come up with?


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