7 Articles You Must Read on Business, Social Media and Buying Local

I do a lot of reading about small business, management, social media, buy local movements and marketing. Occasionally I like to share some great things I have read recently without too much blabbering from me. I would, however, LOVE to hear your take on these ideas and strategies. Please discuss amongst yourselves in the comments section.

A Guide to the ABCs of Pricing from Inc. magazine. – The use of anchors, bumps and charms to find the right price for your product or service.

Ask Customers to Use Less of Your Product: The Big Heresy from Harvard Business Review. – Some interesting lessons learned on the concept “Adapt or Die” from Xerox and Waste Management.

Five Ideas from Detroit from The New Rules Project. – Many parallels can be drawn from cities like Detroit who have lost major industry. These are some awesome ideas that I’d love to see replicated here in the High Desert.

Are Baby Boomers Ready to Exit Their Businesses? from the Small Business section of The New York Times. – A major shift is approaching. Both Boomers and Gen Xers (and everyone after that) should be aware of and looking for opportunities in it.

Will Walmart Kill Small Business in New York? from Intuit’s Small Business Blog. – It can’t come as any surprise that as a local business advocate I’m not a huge fan of Walmart. This is a good look at why some of us are concerned about The Giant moving into town and what it means for small business.

10 Untraditional (and Inexpensive) Marketing Strategies also from Intuit’s Small Business Blog. – I started RelyLocal with a budget of about $0. So I am all about guerrilla marketing. This list is a good start on creative ways to get your name out there and build loyalty.

How should a young company approach social media marketing? from Econsultancy. – This article has some very realistic ideas about social media marketing. Is it redefining how people communicate? Yes. Is it a silver bullet for small business? No way.

Image: Some rights reserved by Nina Matthews Photography(find me on FB


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