Sharing with people about local businesses

My RelyLocal colleague (who also happens to be my mom) related a story to me last night that just thrilled me down to my toes.

She was waiting for my dad at the doctor’s office “down the hill”. (Hey, with some health insurance, you can’t always choose someone local!) There was a young woman sitting near her and they got to chatting. As it turns out, the young woman lives in the same High Desert city I do. She was quick to point out that although she has lived in the HD for three years, she comes down the hill for everything because there is nothing to do up here.

Little did she know she was talking to a High Desert local advocate! Quickly my mom asked her if she knew that there was an art gallery here in the High Desert. “No! There is?” was the reply. “Did you know we have a recording studio? Or a wine bar?” Needless to say, the answer was no.

When I hear people say there is nothing to do in the High Desert, I am sad because I know that means we as local business people are not reaching them in a way that works for them. Our mission here at RelyLocal is to raise the level of awareness for local businesses. One of our mantras is that “A rising tide lifts all boats.” If we can raise the level of awareness, all local businesses will benefit. And so will our neighbors as they begin to appreciate and support the many resources that are to be found here in the Victor Valley.

Image: Some rights reserved by erix!


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