Take it to the people!

Taking RelyLocal to the people!

Taking RelyLocal to the people!

One thing I am looking forward to in 2011 is taking the “Buy Local, RelyLocal” movement to The People. I am amazed to hear how pessimistic people can be, how negatively they view local options and how little they think their actions matter.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Tomorrow I’m going to be with a group of Raiders’ fans who are celebrating the new year. I will share with them the message that I am taking to the streets this year:

1. Small changes make big differences. If half of us in the USA who are employed spent $50 a month at locally-owned, independent businesses, it would generate $42.6 billion in revenue. Such a small shift as eating a meal at a local restaurant or buying a few pieces of clothing at local shop can have a tremendous effect even here in the High Desert. (Stats courtesy of The 3/50 Project.)

2. We can make the High Desert stronger. “It’s time to consider the real costs to a community that loses its locally-owned business base.   Independent local businesses employ an array of supporting services. They hire architects, designers, cabinet shops, sign makers and contractors for construction. Local accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, attorneys, advertising agencies help run it.  Local retailers and distributors also carry a higher percentage of locally-produced goods than chains, meaning more jobs for local producers.” (Quoted from “The Benefits of Doing Business Locally” by Jeff Milchen of American Independent Business Alliance.)

3. RelyLocal can make it easier. We are a small, local business whose goal is to help other local businesses connect with consumers. We offer coupons, job listings, reviews, contests and other valuable benefits to High Desert customers as well as businesses. Join the movement to “Buy Local, RelyLocal!

What is YOUR reason for buying local? What concerns do you have about making a shift in your spending habits this year? And to my High Desert readers – do you have any groups that would like to hear about our Buy Local, RelyLocal campaign this year? We would love to talk to anyone, from scouting groups to senior groups, anywhere in the Victor Valley!


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