Spotlight: Amy’s Mexican Restaurant in Apple Valley, CA


Mexican Food at Amy's Mexican Restaurant in Apple Valley, CA

Food at Amy's Mexican Restaurant in Apple Valley, CA

Amy’s Mexican Restaurant owners Jose and Maria Diaz are no strangers to hard work. For twenty years they have worked, learned, saved and put their hearts and resources into creating a successful business.

Getting his foot in the door at local restaurants like Sizzler, Jose Diaz started his restaurant career as a dishwasher. He learned all he could to become a cook, eventually becoming the chef. Throughout this process, he and his wife saved their money to open their own business. After six or seven years of scrimping and saving, they opened Amy’s Mexican Restaurant, named after their daughter.

Three years ago, after a decade of success in a smaller location, the Diaz’s found a chance for expansion in the old Draper’s Restaurant on Highway 18. The opportunity to buy it was better than paying rent at their former location. This also allowed Amy’s Mexican Restaurant to include a full bar.

Jose’s first priority is giving people a quality experience. “People come back when you give them good service,” he said. “I’m always happy at work. You have to put your problems aside when you’re serving customers.” And the service is great, indeed. I was there for a karaoke night recently and it seemed that Jose was everywhere at once! The tacos were fresh and delicious and the drinks were strong and well priced. And wherever Jose was rushing, he had a huge smile on his face. It was obvious that he loved seeing people in his bar and restaurant, enjoying themselves.

Maria and Jose are eager to see Amy’s Mexican Restaurant thrive in the New Year. They are growing their party and banquet business as people discover the delicious and plentiful food is perfect for large gatherings. They have karaoke, DJs and live bands playing in the large bar each weekend. Car shows and other special events are part of the fun at Amy’s Mexican Restaurant as well. Jose stressed the fact that when the business grows, they will be able to hire more people. As he was given a chance to learn and grow, he looks forward to giving that chance to others who want to work.

The Diaz family has lived in the High Desert for nearly two decades. Their four daughters were born and raised here and they love the quiet and wide-open spaces. “It has changed a lot in the last twenty years,” Maria said. “But it is better than the city. This is where family is.” Jose agreed, saying that he loves the High Desert because this has been a place of opportunity for him.

And they are part of the local business movement, as well. They patronize local businesses when they can, visiting other restaurants to both support them and learn from them. One business Jose particularly liked is Valley Collision Center, where he has his trucks fixed. “They are good people and they support my business too.”

Amy’s Mexican Restaurant is the dream of the Diaz family. And it is the story of the American Dream: hard work, investing in the community and giving others an opportunity to do the same. These kinds of local, family-owned businesses are what make the High Desert special.

And that American Dream comes with great drink and food specials! Happy hour specials in the bar include $3 well drinks and $2.50 beers. Get your friends together to have an affordable good time at the pool tables or dancing to live music. And if food is on your mind, their taco, enchilada and fajitas dishes are very popular. Lunch specials start at $4.25 and Sunday champagne brunch buffet is only $7.95. You can bring the whole family for a fresh and tasty meal without breaking the bank.

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