Buy Local Interwebs Roundup

I have come across some interesting articles and websites all having to do with shopping locally. Just thought I would share!

Buy Local Bags

Buy Local Bags

You can help your customers show their support for the local, independent business community by stocking bags like these. Better yet, local printers, can we get an affordable equivalent for High Desert businesses to use?

Shop Local. What Does That Really Mean Anyway?

Made In OregonThis is a compelling investigation into what it means to shop local. Such a broad topic with so many variables! Location of manufacturing, conditions for workers, environmental impact, distance the products have to travel… For me, the important thing is beginning to think beyond cost, convenience and quality to local, regional and global impact. It can be overwhelming and you can only do what you can do, but beginning the thought process is the first step.

How much of an impact does shopping locally really have?

American Independent Business AllianceAmiba is an organization I encourage everyone to explore. They are connecting independent businesses across the country with resources to promote their own “Buy Local” campaigns. This particular article is helping to clarify just what the numbers mean. To ease confusion, they stick with this accurate and proven statement: “Multiple studies have shown each dollar spent at local independent businesses, on average, generates at least three times more direct local economic benefit than dollars spent at an absentee-owned chain.” Wow!

Wall Street Journal puts independents to the test!

Wall Street Journal ArticleAs Chanukah is upon us and Christmas approaches, gift giving is on everyone’s minds. The WSJ takes a look at some of their local, independent retailers. It is encouraging to see this positive look at what you get when you make the effort to support an indie biz.

Huffington Post says “Shun the Mega-Retailers”

A nameless big boxNow, I would never say anything quite as strident as “shun big box stores.” First of all, my mom, a Target enthusiast, would disown me. Also, I am a realist and I think that demonizing things only causes people to stop listening to your message. However, the author of this interesting article makes a compelling argument for why mega-retailers are doing bad things for our economy and our society. In my perfect world, I would have fewer things but those things would be of higher quality and because I’m buying these quality products from American companies (bonus if they’re local) there are plenty of jobs and everyone wins. To me, getting twice as much of a crappy product to save a few cents is not a win.

So those are a few things I’ve found that I like. What are your thoughts? Any articles, blogs, organizations or resources you’ve found to encourage us to support our local economy?


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