Spotlight: Hattrix Embroidery in Victorville, CA

The storefront for Hattrix Embroidery in Victorville, CA

Visit Hattrix Embroidery on 7th Street in Victorville, CA for all your embroidery and promotion needs!

Success is a very personal measure but it often stems from a dream to create something bigger than yourself, to provide for your family and improve your community.

James Kang found an opportunity to launch his own custom embroidery business after learning the ropes from his aunt and uncle on Catalina Island. At the Victorville Swapmeet he started Hattrix Embroidery with one machine and began to build a reputation for quality and customer service. The growing business was demanding and James soon asked his younger brother Peter to come up to Victorville and help him. I sat down with Peter recently to learn more about his family business that has such strong dedication to this community.

“I came out to help because my brother needed help and who’s more trustworthy than family?” he explained. After five years in the swapmeet, the brothers moved two doors down to their own retail storefront and continued to prosper. Four years later, they are still going strong and looking to the future. James has started a new venture but remains involved in Hattrix Embroidery while Peter runs the day to day operations.

Looking back to the move four years ago, Peter remembers it was a big risk and definitely not easy. In some ways it was almost like starting over. Their gamble paid off, though, as their corner location brought higher visibility and the type of customer broadened considerably. Now clients include larger businesses, military, local government, sports teams as well as individuals, family reunions and other small businesses.  Quality embroidery in the number one thing Hattrix does, but they do screenprinting, embroidery, vinyl, banners, biz cards and promotional items as well. They really focus on customer service, spending a lot of time educating clients on their options and ensuring they are satisfied.

I asked Peter what his vision is for Victorville over the next 5 years “Positive growth and change,” he shared. “For the city to be cleaned up a bit.” He also mentioned that he hopes the proposed high speed train works out as it will bring jobs, tourism and revenue to the area. He’s bought some investment property and is doing his part to help bring about an economic recovery to our community. Though he came to the High Desert for family and work, not for the location, he also said, “I love the desert now!” Hattrix Embroidery loves Victorville too and takes the time and effort to do things like sponsor youth sports teams and be involved with the city. Why? “There’s no profit in it, maybe some exposure,” Peter said. “It just feels good giving to the community. ”

I was also thrilled to hear that Peter is focused on growth this year. He understands that in a market like this when your competitors are pulling back in crucial areas like advertising, that is an opportunity to gain new customers. Repeat business is important to Hattrix Embroidery, though. They are developing processes that will educate customers and take some of the anxiety out of it for them. All of this, Peter hopes, will lead to more business, allowing him to add staff and maybe, just maybe, sit back, relax and enjoy the success he and his family have achieved.

If you need promotional items for your family reunion, your special event or your organization, stop by Hattrix Embroidery and ask them how they can help. As I watched Peter interact with his customers I know he’ll take all the time needed to make sure you’re satisfied! RelyLocal also purchased a vinyl banner to use at events and it was a great experience!


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