The Roots in Grassroots Campaign

First, a confession – I forgot to post yesterday! Ok, so I fell off the daily-posting challenge within a week. I’m not going to let it stop me though! Onward!

Back to the post.

Grassroots: adj \ˈgras-ˌrüts\

  1. fundamental
  2. of or involving the common people as constituting a fundamental political and economic group
  3. driven by the politics of a community

When I initially researched RelyLocal as a business, the idea of a grassroots campaign really appealed to me. I have lots of ideas about how the economy could be turned around, but even with the recent election fresh in my mind, I doubt I will personally have much impact on Washington. However, right now, right here, where I live, I can make a difference. My choices have an impact on those around me.

So what does it mean to us as consumers to be part of a grassroots campaign to strengthen our local High Desert economy?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 to further a grassroots campaign:

1) Educate ourselves. Not only are there tons of articles and websites we can read about the benefits of shopping local, but we can also take a look around to see what locally-owned businesses are out there that we didn’t know about. Ask your friends, ask your hairdresser, ask your kid’s soccer coach. We can learn more about our community by asking.

2) Share the enthusiasm. Grass is powerful because tiny little plants are added one at a time, slowly but surely. A beautiful lawn is made of hundreds of thousands of individual blades. In the same way, the RelyLocal grassroots campaign is growing, one person at a time. When you have a great experience at a local business, tell people. Post positive reviews. Find them on Facebook and share your experience. When you learn about the positive impact a shop local campaign can have on a community, share that knowledge with friends and family. We can inspire by our enthusiasm.

3) Take action. This holiday season, we have the opportunity to be more thoughtful in how we spend our (often limited) funds. Before we head to a big box store on November 26th and spend hundreds of dollars in one fell swoop on generic gifts, think of a few local businesses you might get a gift or two at. Perhaps a gift certificate for a massage at a local day spa, or a fine cigar from a local smoke shop, or a cute top from a local clothing store. I’m not suggesting that we can never darken the door of a big box store or national chain again. Don’t underestimate your power, though, to have an impact on the High Desert economy!

So, let’s get the grass growing! Get more info at, or by visiting us on Facebook and Twitter. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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