Spotlight: Guardian Records Management and Storage in Apple Valley, CA

Guardian Records Storage and Management

For all your data storage and management needs in the High Desert, call Guardian RMS!

Like so many successful businesses, Guardian Record Management and Storage was created because of an unmet need an entrepreneur had. The founders and owners needed a place to manage the records from an existing business and could find no one local to help them. As Sue Moore, Sales Manager for Guardian RMS shared with me recently, the owners figured, “If we have the problem, other people do as well.”

I sat down with Sue recently to learn more about this local business and discovered there was a lot I didn’t know about record management. They securely store the physical records of important or confidential information, destroy outdated material, maintain backups of data and more. Have you ever traded up on your copy machine? Turns out, the hard drive needs to be destroyed because it has sensitive information that has been captured during copying, faxing and emailing. “People often don’t know how it functions, they just take it for granted and forget about the data,” Sue explained. Guardian RMS educates their clients on regulations compliance as each industry has their own standards. (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA, the list is endless!) Of course Guardian RMS manages documents and media as well as destroying outdated and sensitive data. (Did you know there are many kinds of destruction available? Shredding, burning or pulverizing may be required by law!) Sue finds that they have many repeat clients, even amongst individuals who are destroying the stuff identity thieves hope you just toss out.

Sue Moore, Sales Manager for Guardian Records Management and Storage

Sue Moore, Sales Manager for Guardian Records Management and Storage

Many in the High Desert will recognize Sue Moore as the Sales Manager for Guardian RMS. I met her at REN, a growing networking group that she has been following avidly since it started a few years ago. With over 30 years in retail management she has written and implemented policies for record retention. She really gets what customers need. She also gets the power of networking and using all the tools available to you to grow your business, including social media. She uses both Twitter and Facebook, even helping people with their fan pages. “Its like a coffee shop,” she told me. “You sit and observe and listen for a while, then you start talking to the ‘regulars’ and you become friends.” Follow her on twitter @suermoore and @guardianrms!

Sue and Guardian RMS are also regulars at Chamber of Commerce and other civic events. She recommends that small businesses join. “There are lots of seminars. Its a great way to connect with people, especially business to business.” She attends ribbon cuttings, mixers and other events as often as her schedule permits. Showing up and being there for the community means something.

Sue has lived in High Desert since the early ’80s. She and her husband raised their boys here and are deeply involved in the community. Sue was a founding board member of One to One Mentors in Victorville. Her family also supports efforts like the recent DCUW school supply drive and the High Desert American Red Cross. I asked about her favorite locally-owned businesses and she immediately and enthusiastically named Athena Jean Salon in Victorville. “I love that place!”  She also loves The Grind Coffeehouse in Apple Valley, occasionally treating herself to their delicious triple mocha ice blended concoction.

It is clear that both Sue and Guardian RMS are serious about improving, protecting and growing the High Desert. You might just meet her at the next REN – Victor Valley luncheon or find her on Facebook. Just like the coffee shop, sit down, introduce yourself and have a neighborly chat. We all benefit that way!


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