Spotlight: Lisa Marie Sings in the High Desert of Southern California

Lisa Marie Williams and Ralph Bunting of Lira Consulting in Apple Valley, CA

Lisa Marie and Ralph of Lira Consulting and Lisa Marie Sings

Lisa Marie Williams has been stationed with the US Army in Germany, owned a teen employment agency in Los Angeles and a computer training company in the Inland Empire. During it all, though, she loved to sing. After Apple Valley drew her 5 years ago due to great home value and good schools for her son, she turned her passion into a successful business.

I had a great time at The Grind having coffee recently with Lisa Marie, hearing more about her journey and the amazing talent she brings to the High Desert. She and her partner Ralph Bunting created Lira Consulting, which includes Lisa Marie Sings. (Ralph was inspired by their names to create the company name “Lira”.) Through Lisa Marie Sings, they provide live entertainment, karaoke, DJ services, and the most unique gift of all – singing telegrams over the phone.

After performing with a variety of bands all over Los Angeles, Lisa Marie decided the music industry “rat race” was exhausting and decided to focus on the joy of performing, creating a viable business with her talent. Events she performs at include weddings, anniversary parties and corporate events for universities and hospitals. If she is not performing live for a client’s event, she will DJ, or do a mixture of both. Karaoke hosting (also known as a KJ) is also a big part of her business. She hosts events at bars and restaurants all over the Victor Valley. Some of her upcoming public events include:

  • This Saturday, August 28th, she is hosting a big karaoke contest at Carmen’s Ponderosa in Apple Valley. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you I’m a judge at the contest. Come on down and join us! Sing, dance or just listen to great music.)
  • On August 30 she will sing the National Anthem at the High Desert Mavericks game.
  • Thursday September 9 Lisa Marie will be the featured performer for the Town of Apple Valley Courtyard Summer Concert Series

One thing that Lisa Marie has found great value in is social media. “Facebook is an awesome tool!” she told me. She has developed business through MySpace and more recently Facebook, using their events feature and lists to manage her contacts. She is also active on Twitter (follow her as @lisamariesings.)

As a member of the High Desert community, she wants to see continued positive growth. She would love to have a music space in the future: somewhere people who love to hear and perform all kinds of music can have a fun, welcoming place to do so. She also thinks that the proposed express train to Las Vegas would be a boon for the local economy if we can develop enough great restaurants and a nightlife to attract people before or after their trip.

As a musician myself, I appreciate the gift that music gives us. And I am looking forward to hearing more of that gift from Lisa Marie and other talented artists in the High Desert.

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