Moving is easy, right?

Moving is many things, but easy ain’t one of ’em!

The good news is, we are almost there! Please note that assuming all various service personnel show up tomorrow as scheduled, RelyLocal – Victorville/Adelanto will be up and running in Adelanto, CA. We even have a new number:

I will be back on the writing soon bringing you great interviews from Hattrix Embroidery, Guardian Record Management and High Desert Party Rentals!


2 thoughts on “Moving is easy, right?

  1. Congratulations on the move…you have been great sending out tweets and statuses all during a move, you are amazing! Good luck and look forward to seeing you. You are definitely a Community Builder.

    • Thanks Sue! I never thought moving and helping my parents winnow down their 4000 sq ft house to a 1000 sq ft place would be so exhausting. 🙂 There is a light at the end of the tunnel though! (And I get tons of beautiful new furniture, so I’m not complaining!)

      Just wait till the garage sale though! It will be epic!

      And I’m working on your interview. Should have it for review in the next day or so. Thanks for being patient!

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