Why I Call Myself “Community Builder”

As a small business owner, I get to have all kinds of perks, like waking up at 6 am because I can’t stop thinking about how to get more clients. One of the really cool things, though, is that I get to come up with my own job title.

I could have called myself “Owner” because I am. I own this business and I own its success or failure. If you’ve met me, though, you’d know that a stuffy title like that doesn’t quite fit.

I could have called myself “Sales and Marketing Manager” because I am that too. Not just for RelyLocal – Victorville, CA, but in some ways I play this role for the businesses we serve too.

There are probably 10 different job titles I could have accurately given myself: Social Media Maven, Chief Blogging Officer, Account Executive, Administrative Assistant and Errand Girl to name a few.

But I decided to call myself “Community Builder”. My background in nonprofit management has given me a strong belief that people are drawn to networks, communities and other people who lend a sense of hope and potential to their lives. We are attracted to people who allow us to see ourselves as the wonderful, smart, funny and successful people we can be. And when we see ourselves that way, we often live up to our expectations.

Whether it is tweeting a quote I find inspirational or posting good news about local business on our Facebook page, I believe it is my primary duty to help build our community. Yes, I am in the business of helping people connect to their customers through social media. Yes, I build profiles for local entrepreneurs on my website. Yes, I network the heck out of every meeting I have. But all those things are done to connect us, make us stronger and hopefully bring our community through some bumpy economic times to be strong, vibrant and diverse when things start growing again.

So please feel free to join our community, or share how you connect with other people, nonprofits, services and groups in this area! I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Why I Call Myself “Community Builder”

  1. What a great write-up. I chose to use Owner/Regional Sales Director, and you are right…..they seem stuffy and not at all like me. You now have me rethinking my role, but I have 897 business cards to pass out before I can change. I guess that gives me some time to come up with some options though. Thx.

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