Inspiration and Commitment

If you’re a small business owner or someone involved in marketing and you’ve never read ‘Duct-Tape Marketing’ I highly recommend you hit the library or a bookstore (uh, preferably locally-owned & independent bookstore) and pick up a copy right now.

Ok, now that you’ve done that, you can hop on over to the author’s blog at and see what the author John Jantsch has to say. Today he is talking about Inspiration and Commitment.

When my parents first moved here more than seven years ago, I thought they were crazy. Although I appreciated the austere beauty of the desert, I saw nothing but fast food chains and big box stores… the complete antithesis of my then-hometown of Oakland. Fast forward to 2010 when my dad is diagnosed with cancer and my boyfriend and I decided that the Bay Area was too expensive and perhaps it was time for me to move a little closer to my family. Life threatening illnesses have a way of making you re-prioritize your life.

So we put the condo on the market, packed up a U-Haul and moved to the High Desert. Over the years of visiting my folks I had developed an appreciation for life here and the many benefits of High Desert life. But I’ll be honest, I still couldn’t see far past the national logos lining Bear Valley Road. Here and there I would see a restaurant or a store that appeared independent and I loved driving through Old Town dreaming of how my friends and I could transform it into a hotbed of weekend morning brunch activity.

Then I found RelyLocal online. I was inspired by their commitment to allow people to build their own small businesses, instead of hiring outside reps. I loved their ideas about finding the people, the services, the businesses and the culture that was unique about a place and lifting that up for everyone to see. And my eyes began to change. Everywhere we went, my mom and I would exclaim “Oh! There is that business we heard about but never noticed! That’s where it is!”

Like so many people in the Victor Valley, I’m new. I came here because the cost of living is lower and there is some space to spread out. Many people have told me that there is nothing to do here, there is no culture here, if I want anything good I have to go down the hill. Baloney. The people I have met and little gems I have discovered have convinced me that this is a great place to be. We may not have everything here, but we have a unique, independent culture that can thrive if we are inspired enough to nurture it.

So, I’m inspired. I’m committed to seeing local businesses succeed. I’m excited to see what half a million people with the guts to live in the middle of the desert can do.

What about you?


One thought on “Inspiration and Commitment

  1. Your story is like many others here. Most people don’t move here because they want too.

    Growing up here, you get the idea that there is nothing to do here. It isn’t entirely accurate, but because of the location they are not centrally located or within walking distance it makes the area seem empty.

    Old Town is starting to rebuild, but there is still a long ways to go. The small victories of gyms, prosthetics companies, etc. will eventually add up. Not that long ago, almost all those store fronts had businesses, and not just thrift stores (not a bad thing).


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