Spotlight: GoSmallBiz helps small businesses stay strong

Prepaid Legal and GoSmallBiz

Jeff and Suzette help Victorville's small business owners protect the success they've built.

We work so hard to build the life we want. Actively protecting it makes a lot of sense but is an overlooked step. I  sat down with Suzette Gibbs this week to hear more about how small businesses can protect themselves, as well as her take on the High Desert economy.

As a small business owner, I have no problem rolling up my sleeves, digging in and doing the work myself. It’s a key ingredient to being a successful entrepreneur. There are times, though, when willingness, determination and good intentions are not enough. Like many business owners in Victorville, Adelanto and the surrounding communities, I wonder if my business is legally compliant, or what risk I open myself to if I work with an independent contractor. Everyone says “Consult with a lawyer” but who has hundreds of dollars lying around to be sent off to ask a simple question?

I’ve heard a lot of people talking about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and to be frank, I was skeptical. I couldn’t imagine what I would need a lawyer for, especially on a monthly plan! That perception shifted as Suzette and I chatted about dozens of experiences we ourselves, our friends and family have had with contracts, the IRS, civil suits and more. I started to think of all the times I wished I had a lawyer I could call and ask a question of. I could have saved myself time, money and heartache!

Since I am just starting a small business, I want to make sure that I’m making the best choices possible and Google only takes you so far. With affordable plans (starting under $50/month) small business owners have access to document/contract review, phone consultations, letter writing or phone calls on their behalf from an attorney and more. The confidence that comes from knowing you have all the facts and that the fine print won’t attack you is priceless. The plans work rather like health insurance: some things are pre-paid, and other services come with a co-pay. Members have access to quality representation at a significant discount.

Suzette shared that their focus is on helping small businesses stay in business by protecting themselves, making informed decisions and doing the things that they know they need to do, but easily get put off. Pre-Paid Legal Services for business also comes with a valuable consulting service called that will provide advice on marketing, tax, Internet, finance and more.   Jeff and Suzette also help employers, both large and small, by making employee benefits presentations regarding Identity Theft plans and legal services plans.

When we discussed the future of Victorville and the High Desert, she said the local economy will get better “one person at a time, one business at a time. Something has to change. Why not start now by supporting one another?” She recently bought a beautiful satin baptismal gown for her granddaughter at Little Dimples here in Victorville and everyone down the hill wanted to know where she had purchased it. “I prefer to shop at unique places,” she explained. “These little stores expand our lives!” In fact, she said, “Here in the High Desert we still have individual businesses creating a culture and a sense of belonging.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! With the news holding doom-and-gloom regarding the economy, why not flip the script? As the old proverb says, “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” Local business owners are in the Victor Valley for the long haul and we as residents and consumers need them. I look forward to working with Suzette and others to take another positive step forward.

If you would like to see your locally-owned business highlighted on this blog, please contact Alyssa Penman by email at AlyssaPenman {at} RelyLocal {dot} com or call her at 760-240-7950. is a locally-owned business that connects local consumers to local businesses for a thriving, robust and vibrant local economy.


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