Eye Opening Breakfast with the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

I just returned from my first event with the High Desert Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Those folks sure have a lot of fun before 8 am! Yowza!

There were two goals for me in attending: to hear what Victorville Mayor Rudy Cabriales had to say, and to get a sense of what the HDHCC is all about.

I won’t bore you with details of the city budget, but I was glad to hear Mayor Cabriales speak candidly about the challenges of the last couple years and how much he appreciates the sacrifices everyone in city government/management (from top to bottom) has made to maintain crucial services to the city.

He mentioned that revenue in the form of taxes (sales and property) have declined significantly. Part of the mission of RelyLocal is to contribute to a robust economic base here in Victorville and part of that is generating tax revenue.

“We’re not out of the woods, but we’re out of that swamp!” he also stated. That is good news indeed for Victorville. He also stressed on behalf of the City that “We are here to provide services to our community” and that that mission would not change or be impacted by scary economic reports. I would love to find out from the mayor and the city council what their plans are to stimulate and support small businesses, especially independent and locally-owned businesses, over the next year or two.

A couple other things mentioned that I thought were worth passing on:

– They have added workers to collect trash along the side of the road, beautifying Victorville

– There will be an increased law enforcement presence as they move to 12 hour shifts. Though it was spurred by cost savings, they believe it will actually improve opportunities for crime prevention, which is great.

So that is 1 of 4 fun events that RelyLocal is attending this week. Tomorrow Donna and I are attending our first REN Victor Valley lunch meeting at La Casita, then hitting up Working Women Wednesday’s at Kinari Bistro from 4:30-6:30. Then Thursday Donna is taking advantage of the HDHCC’s Lunch and Learn program to see what value we can bring our clients out of their Marketing and Social Media presentation. Stay tuned for more!

RelyLocal – Victorville, CA is a locally-owned business that connects local customers with local businesses. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you increase your impact or find great deals, contact us!


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