2 thoughts on viral marketing and the small business

David Meerman Scott

I just discovered a great and best of all FREE e-book called The New Rules of Viral Marketing: How Word of Mouse Spreads Your Ideas for Free. David Meerman Scott, the author, shared this information with participants (or later readers like me) of the Influencer Project.

After I have had time to dig into it a little deeper, I’ll come back and share some more insights. Here are my quick thoughts on why small and/or locally-owned businesses should understand or care about viral marketing.

First, good viral marketing leverages your precious resources. It probably costs as much to create a web video, article, blog post or clever tweet that gets forwarded 1,000 times as it does to create one that no one ever sees. So if a small or locally owned business is to go to the effort of creating something, why not take an edgier approach that might make it so compelling your audience just HAS to forward it? This will increase the reach of your limited marketing budget.

Second, as an independent business, you are already positioned as more credible than The Big Corporate Chain. You don’t have shareholders and hordes of PR spin doctors to mess with the truth that your audience is seeking. Today’s marketing mix relies on quality content and relationship building. People are drawn to something fresh, thought-provoking, edgy and useful. Use your independence to your advantage and let your employees create a funny video that highlights what your business does. Have your principals author white paper articles to give away generously. Then use social media, email and your website to start the ball rolling with your current audience, encouraging them to forward or promote it among their audience.

Those are just two quick thoughts about why a small business might want to care about viral marketing. Check out the free e-book I linked to above and maximize the heck out of your position.

RelyLocal.com – Victorville, CA is a locally-owned small business that connects local customers with local businesses. If you would like to become part of the movement, or to have your Victorville or Adelanto business spotlighted here, contact Alyssa by email (alyssapenman {at} relylocal {dot} com) or phone (760-240-7950).


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