Redevelop Old Town Victorville!

I was just checking out the Economic Development Department’s page on the City of Victorville website and see that plans are somewhat in the works to bring some life to Old Town Victorville.  Here is a page highlighting the development of Old Town Victorville as a pedestrian-friendly destination shopping district.

Areas like this are often a boon to communities because they tend to attract unique businesses, locally-grown events and people willing to spend some money for a sense of place.  What would be needed to build that kind of district?

Just my thoughts:

  • Art, artists and the folks who buy their stuff
  • Cafes or quality restaurants
  • Wine, handcrafted beers
  • Special events like Oktoberfest, Holiday shopping, Spring Festivals, car shows
  • Shops offering one of a kind items or a significantly unique selection compared to big chains
  • Big focus on Route 66 and the history of it
  • Classic cars, 50’s memorabilia

What other things could be done to create a destination in Old Town?


5 thoughts on “Redevelop Old Town Victorville!

  1. Coldwell Banker Commercial just helped bring two businesses to Old Town Victorville!

    The gym in Old Town Victorville –  Coldwell Banker Commercial brought a new gym to Old Town Victorville.  The owner of the gym is a three time Olympic Boxer from Italy and a personal trainer in LA to some of the top movie stars such as Demi Moore, Eva Longoria and many others. The gym, Bad Boy Boxing, will specialize in boxing, personal training and self defense and will be opening in the coming months.
    The prosthetics manufacturer – Coldwell Banker Commercial has facilitated the sale of a ±5,000 SF Retail building in Old Town Victorville on historic Route 66 to a renowned prosthetics manufacturer, Precision Orthotics and Prosthetics from the Los Angeles area.  The new facility will bring roughly 100 jobs to the area.

  2. hell o i just wanted to kno what day is bad boys is going to open… cuase the gym im going to train at is ok but not what im looking for. thank you

    • Hey Christian – I don’t know when exactly it is going to open. I’d imagine it will be at least a few months for them to build out the space how they want it. I’ll make sure to update it if I get more info!

  3. I’ve been waiting for years for something to happen in this area ( I’ve been a resident of Victorville since 1992) I am also thinking of possibly investing in this area. I have one concern though. I went over the areas development PDF file. And it seems that the city is ready to completely overhaul the area including it’s residents. How can the city of Victorville keep from not gentrifying the surrounding community? What are ways the needs of the community can be met? I don’t think “relocating” residents because of unsafe housing is in the best interest of the community. The residents have been there for years and I’m sure in some cases, generations, because it’s an affordable place to live. I feel that it’s unfortunate that the city is just now concerned with the areas living conditions when this should have been the case before there were talks of development.
    Again, I am excited about having a place full of mom and pop business that can stimulate growth but have we fully thought of the people living in that area?

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